Storage & Room Dividers

Useful and beautiful pieces of furniture for any room in the home.  Our dividers are a brilliant way to  organise the flow of your home or any space.

The Midten Server

Made from Ash, with cracks, knots and butterfly joins.  The server comprises of six draws made with dovetail joins all with soft closing.  The server can be made in most woods in any combination of draws or cupboards and the high light and backboard can be in any colour.

Room Divider

This piece of fitted furniture is used to divide the entrance hall from the living room with storage on one side and shelving on the other.  We then added paneling for decoration. This can be made with shelves and cupboards in any combination.  We used oak for the seat along with hand turned oak pegs on the entrance side. The panels can be painted in any colour.


This fitted wardrobe is a perfect example of baer design’s philosophy of simple design, elegant and practical.  Easily translated in to whole dressing rooms, for his or hers to cater for all needs.

Bund Shelving

A simple range of metal frame with birch ply shelves.  This can be designed to form any combination of shelves and could even include a desk.  The metal can be left raw and or be painted any colour.

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